Baterai Kamera Alist V-MOUNT BP-150 10.400mah For LED Alist


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Battery V-MOUNT BP-150 10.400mah For LED AlistBarang Baru 100%ALIST V MOUNT BATTERY BP-150Alist The super huge capacity V-Mount battery 150WH 10400mAh/14.8V. lightweight V-Mount battery for professional Sony camcorders. Independent 5V/2.1A USB output, available to charge smart-phone,etc.The battery also comes with a wall plug for self-charging so no extra charger is needed.4-level LED indicator on the side to show remaining power. Thanks for your purchase!Specification:Voltage: 14.8VColor: BlackCapacity: 10400mAh 150Wh 14.8VCompatible with Sony Camcorder:DSR-250/300/370K2/570WSL/600P EX250/330/350 S270 PMW-EX330K/330L 580K/580L F5 F55 F23 F35 F3K F3L TD300 680/700/850 HDW-F900R 800P 680 PDW-700/850DVM-7/70/707P/709WSP/790WSP/90/90WS BVP-5/50/550W/7/70/90-BVV5 BVW-200/300/400/400A/505/507/550/570/590/D600 and More V mounted devicesCompatible with Sony BP batteries: BP-L60A BP-IL75 BP-L40A BP-800S BP-130L BP-GL95 BP-GL65 BP-L60S BP-140A BP-L90A BP-FL75 BP-L80S and other V mount batteries.

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